Special Packages

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Puppy/Kitten Package 

Includes Physical/ Office Visit , DistemperVaccine(Dhpp or Fvr-cpc), Fecal Analysis & Dewormer

Adult Dog/Cat Package 

Includes Physical/Office Visit, Distemper Vaccine(Dhpp or Fvr-cpc), Rabies Vaccine & Fecal Analysis

Senior Dog or Cat Package 
Recommended for pets 7 years of age or older to detect early warning signs of a serious health problem.

Package includes Physical Exam, Complete Blood Profile with 17 organ function tests,  X-Rays including interpretation by a radiologist , Urinalysis & Fecal Analysis

By starting your plan as early as possible in the senior years, you can look your pet straight in the eyes and know you're doing everything to return the love he's given you.

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"No matter how old they are, their capacity to love you is just the same"